Dear Julia,
"Smudge" and Bailey playing.  I guess you can see who's "the boss" already ! 

Canvas says, "Here are letters & pictures from some of my grannies' happy puppy customers,,, and some of MY favorite puppies as well!!!"
Hi Miss Julia~
Just a quick note to see how you're doing and to let you know Riley and Lilly are doing great!  Lilly has sprouted a coat that looks like she should be in the show ring...and win!  :)   She has the sweetest disposition and just melts me with those eyes- she's definitely a keeper! haha
I took a few pics today and thought I'd share them with you.  If you'd rather not get pics- just let me know.  Any mote puppies coming up?  If you have another small and gorgeous AKC Cavalier... please let me know.  This breed is definitely addicting!
Hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving,
much love,
Pam...Riley and Lilly 
 Dear Miss Julia,
We LOVE our Coton
Daisy, she was soooo easy to house train, nooooo accidents!  
The Jamisons

Hi Miss Julia~ Hope you're having a great summer and stocking up on popsicles!  Sounds like your weather has been over the top this summer temp wise.  We've cooled down because of thunderstorms, but I'd rather have the heat!  I know we will have 4-5 months of snow and blizzards before long...yech!

Lilly is doing fantastic- what a happy girl!  She has just worked her magic on everyone here!  She's very loved and of course, spoiled!  But, she gives her share of kisses to everyone who comes to visit or tries to take a nap on the couch too!  Riley is still my main "man" and I don't think I could ever love him more than I do!  He is just such a happy go lucky guy and just a gorgeous Cavalier.  I hit the jackpot twice with these two!!

Here's some pics of Lilly- thought you might like to see her now that she's almost 6 mo. old.  

Stay cool,
Pam...Riley and Lilly
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 Dear Miss Julia,
We just had to write and tell you that we LOVE LOVE LOVE 
Merry & Manhattan, we get compliments everywhere we go about our two gorgeous babies!  We've given your name out over and over to puppy seeking friends, if you ever need a reference, feel free to use our name!
Jane & Thomas Johnson Miami