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Bernedoodle puppies make wonderful family pets.  Looking for a larger low to non-shed & hypoallergenic canine with a gentle disposition and quiet nature?  The offspring of the loyal and kind natured Bernese Mountain Dog and the intelligent and comical non-shed super hypoallergenic Standard Poodle, Bernadoodles are becoming one of the most popular new "designer breeds" with good reason.  Bernadoodles offer families a beautiful dog that comes in a variety of attractive color combinations all with the same fun loving yet calm personality that is so perfect for families with children.

Bernedoodle puppies are priced from $1500 for the 
Bi-Color Black & White puppies.  Tri-Color and Sable Bernedoodles are $2500 to $3500
We have a litter from Sawyer and Paisley available, 2 girls 2 boys including a gorgeous Sable & White male puppy!
gentle, sweet

Bernedoodles make wonderful family pets.  Low to non-shed & hypoallergenic with comical affectionate natures.
Call Miss Julia 
Here is "Sawyer" 
everyone's favorite dog, a beautiful and extremely correct Bernese Mountain Dog.
Cobblestone The Horse Soldier is his registered name.  Besides having exceptional conformation and type, Sawyer has a superb temperament which he passes on to his offspring.
 Cobblestone Paisley & Cobblestone Clarion are 
AKC registered Standard Poodles who produce produce lovely Bernedoodle puppies who retain the hypoallergenic and low to non-shed coats of their Poodle mothers.
Also blessed with sweet outgoing personalities, Paisley & Clarion are extra affectionate and have been bred to have wonderful non-shed coats that are abundant and full of curl so they can transfer those qualities to their Bernedoodle puppies. 

I love a beautiful dog 
and our girls are 
wonderful examples 
of really 
gorgeous poodles!

Here they are 
recently after 
a trip to the grooming parlor!
We have a stunning new litter of rare Tri-Color & Sable & White Bernadoodle puppies who'll be ready for new homes 2/01/17!  Call if you'd like to be put on the waiting list for one of these beautiful babies!